• You Fkn Down

    These days the game has completely changed. Though a few still won't accept cheating, there's a large percentage of men and women who feel like cheat on me I'll just chest back. If that's how you feel, I can't change you or your mind, but I do feel like if you're going to cheat, it should at least be with someone better. 


    I used to tell people they were FKN up when I found out they were cheating.  And after seeing who they cheated with, I realized they were actually FKN down.  What is FKN down?  The person you risked everything for wasn't worth it at all. Most times they're no where near being on the same level as your partner,  let alone a higher level. Yet you chose to engage in the act anyway. 


    There are so many examples of this right now. I don't care if you're Joe Blow and Suzie Homemaker, Cardi and Offset, Ray J. and Princess Love, or Supa and LOUIS most of us have had a FKN down moment.  And if you haven't,  it's either coming or you might be it.  It's important to count the cost. Our first move is to look for better before we make our situation better. 


    To be real, I have heard all the excuses from both sides. A man will say "but she's fine."  

    He never thought about the fact that even though this woman is fine she can't bring nothing to the table but that ass.  She got 6 dudes on child support for 5 kids and can't wait to make you number 7.  

    While a woman's explanation is "he has money." Even though this man brings something to the table, he comes equipped with ass whippings, baby mama drama, and more cheating. 


    It's so easy for us to lose sight of what we have.  Fellas, she may not be the finest anymore but she holds you, your churn, and your house down.  Ladies, he might not be the richest but he gives you all he has and is there for you and your kids; even the ones that aren't his. But all we focus on is how much more we want, instead of feeling blessed for what we have. 


    How soon we forget our relationship goals the minute something bad happens, or the first time someone else shows us a little attention.  Even if you choose not to cheat but you decide to leave because you're not happy today, you have to ask yourself: "when I make this move will it be for the better?"  No relationship is good all the time, and no one person is perfect. You might be leaving the PERFECT IMPERFECTION for someone who is completely imperfect.  


    At the end of the day, before you go with your move weigh the cost. Is it really worth what you're about to lose?   I don't care if it's for a moment of gratification, or if you think the next person might be your soulmate, the truth is you might be losing your soulmate. Either way before you start,  FKN up make sure you're not really FKN down.





    Written By:  Robert Nolden 


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